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Address & Phone
34830 Potter St.
Memphis, Michigan 48041
Phone: (810) 392-2980
Fax: (810) 392-3206

Mon. & Thurs. 12 - 8
Tues, Wed, Fri, & Sat. 9 - 5

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A Brief History. . .
The Memphis Library opened in September 1973. The library originated through a federally-funded teachers corps that recognized the overwhelming need for a library within the community. In October 1976, the library moved from its storefront facility into a two room school building on Union Street. The structure had been built in the 1940s by the Memphis Lions Club; it was donated to the library by the Memphis Community School District. Needing more space, the Memphis Library moved again in 1997 to its current home on Potter Street.

The Memphis Library currently serves over 1,200 local residents as well as many residents in the outlying areas of its wide service area. The library hosts numerous events as well as providing computing resources and a wide variety of materials.

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