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1175 Delaware
Marysville, Michigan 48040
Phone: (810) 364-9493
Fax: (810) 364-7491

Mon. - Thurs. 9 - 8
Fri. & Sat. 9 - 5

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A Brief History. . .
The Marysville Library can attribute much of its growth to grass roots efforts within the community. The idea of a public library originated from a local school librarian who secured the use of a small room adjoining the high school library. Over the years the library enjoyed financial support from the Marysville Women's Club which appropriated money from their budget toward books. In 1966, the library became part of the St. Clair County Library system; it was relocated to the 575 square foot annex building of the Marysville High School a year later.

As the population grew, a bigger library was needed. After much debate on a location, the groundbreaking for a new, 7,500 square foot library on Delaware Avenue took place in 1975. The Marysville Branch of the St. Clair County Library currently serves a population over 8,500 residents through its many programs and wide variety of materials.

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