Ira Township

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Address & Phone
7013 Meldrum Road
Fair Haven, Michigan 48023
Phone: (586) 725-9081
Fax: (586) 725-1256

Mon. & Thurs. 12 - 8
Tues, Wed, Fri, & Sat. 9 - 5

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A Brief History. . .
The Ira Township Library celebrated its grand opening on April 15, 1965. Its history is a story of civic pride. Fundraisers and volunteers helped to get the library off to a running start. The storefront library was originally located on M-29 at the site of the former Kandler's Market. In 1981, the library moved into the old township hall at Meldrum and Short Cut Roads. An expansion was added to the facility starting in 1989. The new addition was dedicated on Dec. 12, 1991.

The Ira Township Branch of the St. Clair County Library currently serves a population of over 5,500 residents. The library offers many programs for the public, computing resources, and a wide range of library materials.

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