G. Lynn Campbell

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Address & Phone
1955 North Allen Road
Kimball, Michigan 48074
Phone: (810) 982-9171
Fax: (810) 987-9689

Mon. & Thurs. 12 - 8
Tues, Wed, Fri, & Sat. 9 - 5

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A Brief History. . .
G.Lynn Campbell was a local teacher who wanted to help children with reading problems. In 1962, with assistance from teachers and the principal of the Kimball Wilson School, later to be named Sparlingville Elementary School, he organized the library and arranged for the St. Clair County Library to furnish books. In 1974, the library moved from its original Griswold Road location to its current home thanks to aid from G. Lynn's son Jerry and a Boy Scout troop.

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