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Address & Phone
2 Jones St.
Yale, Michigan 48097
Phone: (810) 387-2940
Fax: (810) 387-2051

Mon-Thurs. 9 - 8
Fri. & Sat. 9 - 5

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A Brief History. . .
Throughout its history the Yale Library has enjoyed enormous community support, particularly during the fundraising efforts for the current library located at Mechanic and Jones Streets. The Yale Library has had several homes including shared space with city departments in the City Hall-Library Building. The groundbreaking for the current facility took place in June 1989. The new library which holds a vital place within the community opened in January 1990.

The Yale Branch serves a community of over 2,000 Yale residents as well as residents in the outlying areas. The library offers a wide range of materials, many programming events, tours, and electronic information access including the Internet.

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